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what residents have told us

You told us that...

  • There is a strong sense of community and people generally feel safe.
  • People want to move onto the estate, and people living there want to stay.
  • Larger family homes are needed, as well as homes for older people who live there and want to stay in the area.
  • New build homes must be in keeping with existing homes
  • You want us to be clear on what improvements we will be making to their homes.
  • Roads and paths would benefit from resurfacing.
  • Improved and consistent fencing is needed.
  • There are issues with rubbish, fly tipping and general cleanliness.
  • You would like better recreational spaces and safe play areas.

what you told us - shown on the estate map

  1. There are issues with security. Closing the cut through along Goodwood Avenue could help with safety in this area. Pavement upgrades along Goodwood Avenue is needed.
  2. The park is dark, damp and not used. The trees are too overgrown and the equipment is damaged. Parents won’t let their children play in the park. It’s not safe.
  3. The pavements are very narrow in areas which makes it difficult to walk down. Ascot Avenue is a main pedestrian route to get to the schools. Residents have to walk down the road which is unsafe. You are concerned about road safety
    and rat-running if the roads are linked, particularly for police car chases. Traffic calming measures would be needed. It shouldn’t feel like a busy main road.
  4. The high walls around car parking areas should be removed to increase security and safety for residents. Where possible alleyways to the backs of houses should be gated with access for residents only to increase security.


Main pedestrian routes highlighted are shown as a purple dotted line. These routes are essential to provide a safe route to the schools and access to the bus stops on Firsway.

The bus stop locations are shown as a larger purple dot.




5. Firs way is a busy road and cars travel too fast. Newbury Avenue is the main access road to the estate and community centre, but it’s not well sign-posted..

Play areas and pocket parks are needed for children as well as seating areas across the estate. These are shown as a red star.

Yellow lines are needed to deter on street parking.

Designated parking for flats and houses would lead to better organisation.

Wildflower verges would brighten pedestrian routes.

6. Some areas are liable to flooding.

7. People park around Hurst Avenue and Catterick Avenue during drop off and pick up, causing traffic problems.

8. Some car parking areas are under used and look awful. Could the spaces be made better use of?

9. The allotments are well-cared for.

10. Newer houses on Lingfield Avenue don’t have dedicated car parking which causes congestion on the roads. There is also a lack of bin storage.

11.There are a number of trees around the estate that need maintenance or to be removed as they are too big, are dangerous, block street lighting or daylight to windows.

12. You said people use this link for going to school, but it is not well used as a play space as there is a lack of surveillance from the surrounding houses.

13. A local school has suggested a Flower Maze be designed for this space

14. Some homes don’t have boundary fencing, which means people can walk right up to their windows.


Your Priorities

1. Clearly marked car park areas and resurfacing existing parking 
2. More benches and better outdoor play facilities
3. More family housing and older people’s accommodation



what we did next...

Thank you to everyone who has given their feedback.

We’ve listened to you and have produced a draft plan for the estate. Your contribution has been invaluable to coming up with ideas that we think will create an even better estate for you and for the next generation!

We now need your feedback on these plans.